The SABC Pension Fund

The SABC Pension Funds sets out to provide the best possible benefits in return fro the contributions made by particpants and the SABC as employer.

To ensure that all members of the Fund receive the benefits to which they are entitled, there are various rules controlling the management and operation of the Fund. These rules cover such things as eligibility for membership, payment of contributions, and payment of benefits. A copy of these official rules is held by your Human Resources Department.

As a member of the Fund, there are probably several questions you may have about it. So, on this website, we have tried to provide answers to those most frequently asked questions. The Trustees also include some examples to help you calculate the value of your benefits.

The SABC Pension Fund (referred to as "the Fund" on this website) is managed by a Board of Trustees which consists of at least ten persons, 50% of whom are elected by the members of the Fund.   The balance of the Trustees are nominated by the Employer.

If there should be any discrepancy between the contents of this website  and the rules of the fund, the provisions of the rules prevail.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to read the official rules of the Fund, please contact your Human Resources Department.

March 2010